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Here, there, everywhere. And back.

Hansen’s is there for wherever the day takes you.

Hansen’s Errand Service came to life when Barb Hansen, after driving professionally for over 16 years, wanted to serve people in a more caring manner. She knew from all her experience as a driver and from dealing with people that there were many more needs in the community and Hansen’s Errand Service became a reality.

In 2006, Peggy Allin took over the business to continue the tradition of excellent customer service combined with reasonable rates and reliability.

Hansen’s has been in business since 1995 and is continually growing. We welcome the opportunity to serve you or your company. The service is on-time, reliable and can operate by contract with one monthly invoice.

Hansens Prius

Green is Good!

Taking care of the environment is very important to us. The majority of our errand and delivery vehicles are Toyota Prius. Hybrids like the Prius are an investment in the environment and in our collective future, because they burn less fuel than conventional cars and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases during operation.

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